"C.L.U.E has been a great part of my life. It has helped me become more self reliant while still being there to help with the things I can't do on my own. The C.L.U.E staff are awesome at what they do and I appreciate them everyday." -Rolando

"The Rockland Hospital Guild saved my life. The counselors are always available when I am in a crisis situation and have made themselves available after work hours. After being hospitilized I was welcomed back to live in Clue and worked my way back into Clue 3. The agency has been very generous taking us on summer trips and holiday dinners. Thank you, RHG." - Adam

"The Clue program is one of the best run mental health housing systems in New York State. I have been in the Clue system from Clue 1 to Clue 2 and now living in Clue 3. I hope to live independently some day as the next step beyond Clue 3."- Cecile

"I have a safe and nice apartment due to the staff and director of CLUE. All of the staff perform outstanding work and I am grateful to be part of the Rockland Hospital Guild." Isabel

" I absolutely love living here. Staff is amazing to work with. I love my friends I have made here. I love everything about this place. Thank you for letting me live here. " - Anonymous