Clue will hold a tea party to honor and celebrate Women's History Month. All clue residents are invited to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with snacks and refreshments.
04.21.2019 -  
All residents of Clue were invited to celebrate Easter and enjoy a catered lunch.
04.22.2019 -  
All residents of Clue are invited to join us on our campus for a BBQ filled with burgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken, and more! We will also be planting flowers in honor of Earth Day :)
05.06.2019 -  
Spring is here! Join us for a fun filled BBQ on our campus. All invited.
05.10.2019 -  
All Clue residents are invited to attend our Mothers Day picnic honoring all mothers !
05.22.2019 -  
Pizza!!! Clue residents are invited to Clue 1 for a pizza party.
05.27.2019 -  
06.16.2019 -  
All clue residents are invited to honor all the fathers! Please join us for a cookout outside!
06.21.2019 -  
Bingo Night!!
07.04.2019 -  
07.04.2019 -  
All clue residents invited to go see fireworks out in the community
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